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afghanistan: Over 60,000 Afghan interpreters, US visa applicants remain in Afghanistan: Report – Times of India

WASHINGTON: Some 62,000 interpreters and other Afghans who applied for the American visa including those who cooperated with the US military, remain in Afghanistan.
Since the Taliban took reign in Kabul in August, thousands of citizens have attempted to leave the country for fear of reprisals from the outfit. Dozens of countries operated flights to evacuate their citizens, diplomatic missions personnel, and associated Afghans out of the country.
In the latest Wall Street Journal (WSJ) report, the US-based newspaper said that around 33,000 Afghans and their family members have already gone through necessary vetting procedures and can be evacuated immediately.
Another 29,000 people of those willing to leave are in the early stages of the application process, which is designed to check the employment history and their connections or otherwise to terrorist organizations, the WSJ said citing a State Department official.
The US is currently operating several flights a week, depending on the weather and other conditions at the Kabul airport, which is still operating partially.
This is the first time that the US State Department reveals the exact number of Afghans who are eligible to be evacuated since August, according to the report. The Afghans are looking forward to flying away from Afghanistan over the worsening economic situation in Afghanistan, the WSJ said.

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