Novak Djokovic visa saga LIVE updates: Immigration Minister cancels Serbian tennis star’s visa ahead of 2022 Australian Open campaign

Novak Djokovic’s lawyer Nick Wood, SC, has told the court they seek to apply for relief with respect to the decision to cancel the tennis champion’s visa, an injunction that prevents his removal from Australia, and a mandatory order requiring his release from immigration detention.

Mr Wood told the court Djokovic has not been taken into immigration detention yet.

He told the court the tennis player was not in detention, but in a residential address tonight.

Mr Wood has also sought an order to prevent his client from being interviewed by immigration officials on Saturday morning.

He submitted he would be better served by spending time with his legal team to prepare his urgent legal challenge.

Mr Wood told Judge Kelly his legal team can file a formal originating application to the court by 10.15pm tonight.

He said “time was precious” given the Australian Open starts on Monday.

The court heard immigration officials wish to interview Djokovic tomorrow.

Mr Wood said a solicitor from the Australian government has advised the tennis player’s legal team they do not propose to detain Djokovic in immigration detention tonight.

Judge Kelly flagged the case may be bumped up to be heard by the Federal Court, instead of the Federal Circuit Court.

“It’s a hurdle that’s not necessary in the urgent circumstances of this case,” Mr Wood said.

“We understand the court is under considerable pressure, I don’t want to add to that but as things stand Mr Djokovic may be scheduled to play on Monday night or Tuesday night.”

“We are very concerned about time.”

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