Superstar Puneet Kumar Dies Due To Heart Attack

Kannada superstar actor Puneet Rajkumar has died due to heart attack. He died at the age of 46 at Bikram Hospital in Bangalore on Thursday.

Puneet Kumar

Puneet, who was in the gym, collapsed and was rushed to hospital. According to a statement issued by Dr. Ranganath Nayak, who was involved in his treatment, he was brought to the hospital at 11.30 am due to chest pain. According to the doctor, his condition had deteriorated after being brought to the hospital.

Punit, who is also Shiva Rajkumar’s brother-in-law, started acting as a child actor in 1976. Her film Yuvarathana was released last April. His film called James is being shot. As news of Puneet’s death became public, artists have been paying tribute through social media.

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